New publication: Only one way to swim?

I’ve got a new article in the British Journal of Criminology. The published version is behind a paywall, but those without access can download the accepted manuscript here, or a pre-print (i.e. the version I originally submitted to the journal, before peer review) here or here. It is pitched at an academic readership, and it’s […]

Notes: how lifers adapt to imprisonment (part 2)

This is the second of two posts noting my thoughts about a recent study on life imprisonment. The first post can be found here. Questions raised by this research Institutionalisation? In my experience, one of the common-sense ideas people refer to when talking about imprisonment is that prisoners come out ‘institutionalised’. The term goes back […]

Notes: how lifers adapt to imprisonment (part 1)

Another post on my reading, this time on a set of articles I’ve re-read recently while revisiting the Masters research I carried out in 2017. I’m writing up the latter for ‘proper’ publication in a peer-reviewed journal, as a means of revisiting my findings and thinking through exactly what it is that I am trying […]