New publication: Only one way to swim?

I’ve got a new article in the British Journal of Criminology. The published version is behind a paywall, but those without access can download the accepted manuscript here, or a pre-print (i.e. the version I originally submitted to the journal, before peer review) here or here. It is pitched at an academic readership, and it’s […]

New publication: ‘A poor prospect indeed’

Things have been quiet on here for the last month or two while I’ve been working on admin to do with the PhD – ethics forms, risk assessments, and so on – and while I’ve been preparing some past work for publication in an academic journal. This post is just a quick one to publicise […]

Lifers and the ‘right to hope’

A new campaign This post comes in the context of a meeting I attended in London earlier this week, convened by Penal Reform International. Attendees from a range of countries in both the global North and South all had some interest in the issue of life imprisonment. The aim was to explore how a global […]

Life sentences: the long view

The Prison Reform Trust has published its Bromley Briefing today – an indispensable twice-yearly compilation of facts and figures on the criminal justice system in the UK. Of particular interest to me and to anyone interested in life imprisonment is the section near the beginning dealing with life sentences in comparative and long-term perspective. This […]